Latex Pull Up Assist & Stretch Resistance Loop Bands - 6 Resistance

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Resistance band supports a variety of workout routines, like chin-ups and pull-ups, biceps curls, stretching.
Different colours indicates different resistance levels: Yellow- XX Light, Red - X Light, Black - Light, Purple - Medium, Green - Heavy, Blue - X Heavy.
Measures 82 inches in circumference when laid flat, stretch to ensure best user experience.
Made from 0.45mm thick, durable latex which is snap resistant and can be stretched repeatedly years after years.

Material: Latex
Colour: Yellow / Red / Black / Purple / Green / Blue (Optional)
Circumference: 2080mm
Thickness: 4.5mm
Width: Yellow 0.64mm / Red 1.3mm / Black 2.1mm / Purple 3.2mm / Green 4.5mm / Blue 6.4mm

Colour Circumference Thickness Width Resistance Level
Yellow 2080mm 4.5mm 6.4mm XX Light
Red 2080mm 4.5mm 13mm X Light
Black 2080mm 4.5mm 21mm Light
Purple 2080mm 4.5mm 32mm Medium
Green 2080mm 4.5mm 45mm Heavy
Blue 2080mm 4.5mm 64mm X Heavy

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